Social media, Donald Trump, and the bigoted weaponization of sports

Jeremy Lin I Can't Breathe Shirt… and then they weaponized sports. And they did it in the most hateful and stupid way imaginable.

(Because, of course they did.)

If you pay attention to current events, you’re certainly aware of the intense Breitbart-ization of Facebook. If you’re less aware, but somewhat observant, you may have noticed a troubling uptick on your social media timelines and newsfeeds.

Over the course of the last several weeks, beginning roughly around National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, there has been an increase in a particular brand of transphobic blog posts from bigoted right wing websites (and, of course, shared all over social media). The pattern has been transparent, and the methodology disgusting.

Because as the boa constrictor of justice begins to tighten around its Pennsylvania Ave. prey, coverage of Impeachment inquiries and the facts of corrupt quid pro quo’s is getting round-the-clock coverage from just about every news and information outlet in the Northern hemisphere.

Just. About.
DT fox news
Instead, from far-right wing conspiracy websites and 45’s beloved Fox News, we’re getting wall-to-wall coverage of gender non-binary athletes who wish to compete in their amateur sports. (Side note: I’m refusing to screenshot these pieces, or to even share their links, because I’m not interested in contributing to  clicks and ad revenue.)

Motivation for this bigoted information assault is both transparent and juvenile. Twenty-first-century professional athletics are dominated by young, progressive voices–predominantly those from minority and underrepresented cultures. With the NBA season freshly minted, and basketball players the most politically outspoken in the nation, the disciples of Alex Jones and his toadies have felt the need to steal back some oxygen.

Gone is the South American caravan. And with “the wall” successfully built around Colorado, it’s time to move on to the newest boogeyfolks.

Brace yourself. These latest made-up threats … are coming … for your trophies!!!!! (Go ahead and click through any of the stories in your social media feeds. This is literally the argument being used as fear-mongering tactics.)

Lookit, while the morally bankrupt Karl Rove was knownwnba protest as Bush’s Brain, it’s safe to assume that 45’s id is clearly the Demogorgon. It’s pervasive toxic reach invades communities from below—spreading through neighborhoods covertly.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, the Upside Down doesn’t appear through pulsating slime-filled basement portals. In 2019, the nauseatingly-troubling alternate universe spreads through Facebook and other social media avenues.

And it’s up to us to recognize the pattern. To understand its purpose. To report it as the hate-speech it is. And, damnit, to keep fighting the good fight–supporting the leagues, athletes, teams, and owners that represent the best in us all.

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